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This was a fun job!!

We had a driveway with a ten foot crack right down the middle of it with no trees within fifty feet we couldn't figure out by looking what was causing this to happened, so to have fun with our project we (the crew) decided to have a friendly wager (lunch).

Guy 1. Antonio said he thought the water draining from the roof of the house was getting underneath the driveway causing the stone to shift, a good guess, we have seen that before.

Guy 2. Darwin said he thought a heavy delivery vehicle had made the driveway crack, another very good answer again a problem we had encountered before.

Guy 3. John said he thought it was just a poorly put in job that didn't have enough stone under it so it was bound to happen.

What my guy's didn't know was the homeowner informed me that their was a tree there two years ago so, we pulled out a 30 foot tree root and replaced the driveway!!!  

After a Beautiful driveway repair in Largo, MD i brought lunch..... 

              Love what you do, do what you Love!!!!!!!

Every Driveway has a story whats yours

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